I am Troy.
I create 

Using light and interaction I aim to create positive experiences.

I am for hire to design, manage, and realize light/interaction related products and installations. 


Light Installation which re-establishes the role of the church in the commercial center, to enhance the atmospher of a pittoresk town in the Netherlands. Featured in Sint-Oedenrode in 2012.

Interactive Light Installation which plays with the senses through a platform that controls the tilt of the room. Featured on Glow Eindhoven 2012.

Interactive Light Installation which immerses the visitor by visualizing the sounds they make. Featured on Glow Eindhoven 2013, The New Horizon in the Evoluon 2014, and the Dutch Design Week 2014.

LaserTree is a light installation that accentuates the form of trees through a dynamic line play. LaserTree was featured on Translumen 2013 and the TU/e Campus.

The shift from traditional light bulbs towads LED lighting invokes reinventing the archetype of light. Instead of using traditional light sources, this modular plug and play system allows you to freely adjust the lighting orientation and arrangement.

That's all

Currently I am working on adding more projects I have done previously, come back later or get in touch to get to know more about the work I do.