About me


Portfolio of 2-11-2012, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  me for more insights into my latest work!

Hi, my name is Troy Rogèr Reugebrink I am twenty-two years old, first year Master student industrial design at the University of Technology Eindhoven. 

I want to have fun designing! Through exploration, I want to create innovative light concepts that lead to improved user experiences. My role as industrial designer should be about bridging the gap between technology and the user, making relevant designs through functionality, aesthetics and innovation. I have a hands-on approach and improve my concepts by acting out the experience. In this process I like to involve other people, because two people experience more and have a different perspective on things.

Throughout the years I discovered the importance of light and its richness. During secondary school I already had a great interest in photography, and thus I was already playing a lot with light. At the end of my Bachelor I noticed however that light played an important role in most of my design projects, photography which often serves as an inspiration source excluded. In my final bachelor project I was able to use light in a new way and combined this with a fun and interesting user experience. The success of this project and the many possibilities of it which are still unexplored is why I made the decision to focus on lighting in my further education. My goal is to combine lighting with the experience of the user, interaction is one of the ways I like to explore and develop further on as well as societal context and storytelling.

I want the users' experience to be magical, it should be memorable; it should be the motivation to make the user want to experience it again and again. When I am designing, I want the user to be able to experience the product as I intended. Kansei Design can serve as a tool to reach this, but also exploration which I want to user more intensively can have tremendous effect when used in combination with user testing. I often look at people, how they use and experience products, I ask them to tell something about their approach when interacting with the product.

I consider myself as someone who is up to date with technology and is able to make considerations on the technologies that are needed to accomplish a specific concept. Throughout the years I have focused a lot on technological advances and in many of my projects I have implemented technology. My involvement with the Lightlab, from the Intelligent Light Instiute, has been the place for me where I Iearned to consider which technologies to use by participating in projects and assisting other people with their projects.

Showcase Troy Rogèr Reugebrink 2013