I am Troy.
I create 

Light & interaction design empowers me to create positive experiences, products and installations.

I am available to design, manage, and realize light/interaction related products and installations.


Interactive Light Installation which immerses the visitor by visualizing the sounds they make. Featured on Glow Eindhoven 2013, The New Horizon in the Evoluon 2014, and the Dutch Design Week 2014.

Function Project Mananger (Glow Location & Realization Manager)

We are continuously surrounded by sound WAVES, but we never see them.

Until now! The sound WAVES you produce are visualized by this interactive installation. Discover how your whistling, clapping, singing or screaming will be translated into WAVES. Experience how these WAVES travel through space and how different tones influence the shape of these WAVES.

Sound cameras developed by Sorama are used to capture the sounds within the installation. Each of the cameras consists of 1024 microphones, which are used to calculate the direction, frequency and intensity of a sound. This is visualized in a dynamic and playful projection designed by TU/e Industrial Design students.

The WAVES project is a joint effort of students from OPENLIGHT and the sound experts of Sorama. OPENLIGHT is the creative lab of the Intelligent Lighting Institute of the Eindhoven University of Technology, creating exploratory and experiential propositions to open up the field of lighting. Sorama is a young company which produces sound imaging technologies used to reduce unwanted noise in products and surroundings.