I am Troy.
I create 

Light & interaction design empowers me to create positive experiences, products and installations.

I am available to design, manage, and realize light/interaction related products and installations.


LaserTree is a light installation that accentuates the form of trees through a dynamic line play. LaserTree was featured on Translumen 2013 and the TU/e Campus.

Function Co-Designer and co-project manager

At night the branches are lit by a playful and mystic light, existing of green and red points that create dynamic lines. The motion is created by the wind and movement of the laser. The 3-dimensional image that appears invites the passerby to discover the forms of the trees.

This project is part of a research into the influence of light on the experience of public spaces.

In cooperation with Wisse Trooser and Har Holands, as part of an Openlight project.